What to Expect from Your Flooring


After reading this Manual and performing the directed tasks either by you or a professional, your beautiful hardwood floor will be ready to be inspected for acceptance.


Inspection should be done from a standing position with normal lighting. Glare, particularly from large windows, magnifies any irregularity in the floors and should not determine acceptance.


A finish similar to that found on fine furniture should not be expected. Trash in the finish, a wavy look along strips, deep swirls or sander marks, and splotchy areas can be indications of inadequate finishing or cleaning. The quality of the finish can be acceptable and still include some of these problems, but they should not appear over the entire floor.


The perimeter and hard to reach areas (i.e. under radiators, around cabinets and cabinet cut-outs, closets, corners, etc.) are most likely to contain these irregularities.


Again, when inspected from a standing position these irregularities may be present but should not be prominent.