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APIs for call and SMS blocking found in Windows Phone GDR2 update. Posted on Aug. htc-8x-windows-phone-update. The GDR2 update for.

The HTC One M8 running Windows Phone will include high-end specs. I'll be walking into a store and making sure it can block calls before I.

How To Block Phone Call From Any Number On Your Smartphone. Here is how you can block unwanted caller or number on iOS, Android, Windows and. HTC • Open the Phone app. • Press and hold the phone number.

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Nokia Lumia users will be among the first Windows Phone users to receive a software update enabling SMS filtering and call blocking. meaning it's possible that Samsung and HTC users won't see this kind of functionality.

How To Block Calls from Private Numbers on Android. Ask a question. on Android. Open the Phone app, and tap More Call Settings Call Rejection.

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In Android Phone. Mr Number, Call Blocker, Call Control, Block unwanted calls on Android. #3 Block Calls on HTC Lollipop Phone. If you own HTC One.

At EE, we are keen to prevent unwanted calls or texts. Some phones will allow you to block calls. Phone 08 charged at local rates. tab/window Visit the T-Mobile website opens in a new tab/window brought to you by EE.

Nokia Adding SMS Filtering and Call Blocking to Lumia Windows.

How to block unwanted calls on any HTC phone. HTC Windows Phone 8S Screen Replacement Repair Guide ·.

Mr. Number Call Block stops your phone from signaling you and rejects the call when coming from a blocked number, but also from reported fraudulent or.