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A selection of useful and free Android/IOS applications can be found below. Change 4 Life Drinks Tracker – Track your drinks with our free smartphone app!

Drinking booze liquor apps iphone android. For thousands of years, human beings have managed to get drunk with just some booze and a cup.

Resolution drink less alcohol. App My.uk. Available Online, iPhone, Android and Blackberry Willpower substitute 5/10.

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With the help of mobile technology, food and water tracking apps. We all know there are significant health benefits to drinking water. My Fitness Pal – iOS or Android; Sparkpeople – iOS or Android; Lose It – iOS or Android.

To 5 drinking water apps for iPhone and Android phones that will make it easier. This all-in-one hydration tracker allows you to easily and efficiently keep track.

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The app is organized around specific drinks, so instead of seeing a user check in at a beer bar, you're going to see them "check-in" with.

The Recovery Elevator Sobriety tracker mobile app available on Android and iPhone will track the duration of time since your last drink, how much money you've.

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Get these water drinking reminder apps to stay hydrated. Since I have one great water drinking reminder app on my Android smartphone, I have never felt. How to know if anyone is spying or tracking my Android phone.

The Android version even lets you find those who don't have a. Provided you keep it up to date, a drink tracker app will at least help you pace.