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Here are our picks of the nine best Android and iPhone apps for cycling. Fair warning any GPS-based app will tax your phone's battery.

In addition to a fully featured GPS tracking service, Strava shows you a feed of. against them in challenges—such as fastest half marathon or most miles during a 30-day period. Free with in app purchases; iOS, Android.

Best mountain biking apps for iPhone and Android. This comprehensive fitness app utilises the GPS functions of Apple devices to create a. I just want something that tells me time, miles, speed, and calories burned.

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Bike Computer app is an advanced GPS tracker, logger and. will track your speed and display the information in miles, kilometers or knots.

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ANDROID. With a built in mileage tracker, the mileage expense is calculated. With GPS, the mileage expense that you incur is calculated automatically at the.

I use an Android software called TaxMileage. I make sure to turn on when I turn on my Uber app. It uses a GPS on your phone to track mileage or you can chose to enter your odo at the beginning and end of your shift.

Falcon Expenses iPhone Mileage Expense Tracker, Receipt.

Function Tracking Your Mileage For Android Price Free. This might just be the best app on the list for self-employed Android users. GPS on.

These fitness apps will allow you to turn your Android phone into a pocket-sized. Whether you're looking to track your miles, find a little motivation, eat. Runkeeper allows you to use your phone's GPS transceiver to log your.