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In 3 pets will get lost in their lifetime. Whistle GPS Pet Tracker helps make sure yours always returns home safe. One part superpower, many parts reliable.

When buying a GPS tracker for cats, it’s important to find one designed with cats in mind. Check out these GPS trackers for your kitty.

Mini GPS Tracker with Collar Waterproof Real Time Locator Rastreador Localizador Chip for Pets Dogs Perro Pigs Tracking Geofence US $37.51 / piece US $63.57 /piece

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I have. The Tagg Tracker Plus. It WAS a great product until Whistle bought them out. NOW IT IS JUNK. It is not an issue with the collar it is in the fact that.

Thousands of cats and dogs disappear every year, some forever. Make sure you always know where your pet is, inside or out, at home and on holiday with petpointer.

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I think that this micro GPS chip will be beneficial. Many pet owners consider pets as family and loosing a loved who tends to have a curios mind to wonder.

Top 13 GPS Trackers for your Pets. by Scott Roberts. Revised July 1, 2016. Suggested Article 11 Kids GPS Tracker for the Modern Families of 2016

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GPS Chip Accuracy. GPS pet chip systems seem to be extremely accurate. GPS chips for pets use the same tracking system technology as GPS mapping systems in

Pod is the smallest and lightest GPS tracker plus activity monitor for dogs and cats designed to be attached to any size collar. It lets you locate your pet on demand.