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Spy Lensスパイレンズ」 自然な表情を.

The Smartphone Spy Lens is a tiny gizmo you attach to your phone to take photos at a 90 angle. You can slyly hold your phone in texting position, while photoing.

Product Description. New spy camera glasses enables you to take photos and capture videos.

Iphone Spy App

Protect your privacy from spy hidden cameras. Please describe the problem you have with this software. This information will be sent to our editors for review.

Ol Maxy would switch to a smartphone and he'd definitely carry a Smartphone Spy Lens. The Smartphone Spy Lens is a tiny gizmo you attach to your phone to take.

Photojojo Smartphone Spy Lens for.

The Smartphone Spy Lens attaches to mobile phones via a circular magnet which you adhere around the camera lens. By using a magnet instead of a more rigid attachment.

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Spy Camera Lens Detector for iPhone

Lens for phone or tablet P475.00 Features Face your phone camera to the ground, but you can view your front, back, right or left.

THE GOODS Professional Instagrammers, covert photographers, and anyone else looking for the next best smartphone camera accessory – this tiny "Spy Lens.